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NSF is known all over the world for the high quality of its training and education. Our programs have you covered whether you are looking to send one of your people to an open course for career progression (including becoming a Qualified Person or senior quality professional), to train a group of staff in house in changes in procedures and regulations, or to bring about culture change within an entire organization.

We offer comprehensive training programs designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of a global and complex pharmaceutical industry. Our programs are frequently global in scope and may be tailored to a local language and culture. We find that companies that proactively seek our educational services to prepare their staff and workforce are best prepared to navigate the regulatory and technical requirements demanded in the industry. However, many companies seek our educational services to complement consulting, remediation or other areas requiring improvement. Our solutions are robust and sustainable by your company and employees long after our trainers are gone.

Our tutors are experts in their field and typically have over 30 years’ industry or regulatory agency experience. They are specifically selected for their ability to convey knowledge effectively and we support them through Train the Trainer programs.

For more information about NSF's pharma biotech training and education and to see a list of courses, visit our training section.

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  • "NSF provided me with the most comprehensive QP training I could have hoped for. I can understand why the training is held in such high regard as the tutors’ delivery, experience and importantly their focus on personal development is exceptional."Ian Birch / Roche Pharma AG
  • "Very practical approach with high level of applicability in daily work. Right level of complexity considering that the audience comes from very different areas with some different backgrounds."Hans Stach / Roche, Brazil
  • "The in-house training course was an important opportunity to open our minds and simplify the investigation process, and the tools that were learned will facilitate research processes and close investigation reports with more security.”Luciana Oloveira / Roche, Brazil