Automotive Parts and Repair Shops

Whether you’re taking your car into a repair shop or purchasing an aftermarket auto part for your vehicle, it’s important to know if these companies and products have been certified. NSF International certifies automotive parts, parts distributors, collision repair shops and recyclers to help you identify high quality parts and service excellence.

Automotive Parts Certification

NSF Certified Part P367

Aftermarket parts are newly manufactured automotive parts that do not originate from the original equipment manufacturer. These parts are not refurbished or remanufactured. If you are looking for high quality automotive parts, look for parts bearing the NSF mark. These parts are tested and certified by NSF International to ensure they meet rigid quality, safety and performance standards in form, fit and function. This means the part is equivalent in quality and performance to the original part it is replacing. NSF certifies:

  • Exterior body sheet metal: hoods, fenders, etc.
  • Exterior plastics: fascias, grilles, bumpers, front steel bumpers, rear step bumpers, etc.
  • Exterior lighting: headlamps, tail lamps, side markers, etc.
  • Energy absorption: bumpers, absorbers, reinforcements bars

NSF certified automotive parts come with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and provide a great option if you are looking for more affordable parts, whether doing the repair yourself or using a repair shop.

For a list of NSF International certified automotive parts, please visit NSF International’s Certified Automotive Parts Listings.

Automotive Collision Repair Shop Certification

NSF Certified Collision Repair Shop P458

If you have ever been in a car accident and needed to repair your car, you already have enough to worry about without being concerned with where to take your vehicle to be repaired. You want to make sure the repairs are done properly and cost effectively, but it can be difficult knowing which repair shop to choose.

To help identify reputable collision centers, NSF certifies collision repair shops to verify their ability to conduct high-quality repairs. This is not dependent on whether they use NSF International certified automotive parts.

NSF International certified collision repair shops must:

  • Meet federal, state and local regulations
  • Perform high-quality and consistent repairs
  • Use and maintain proper equipment
  • Employ qualified and trained employees
  • Use quality repair parts and modern computer estimation systems
  • Respond promptly to complaints and consumer feedback

Automotive Parts Distributor Certification

NSF Certified Part P394

Did you know that auto parts distributors play an important role in helping you get high-quality parts to your mechanic’s shop by closing the gap between parts manufacturers and shops?

NSF certifies auto parts distributors that use quality management systems to address service and quality issues for both certified and non-certified auto parts. This means distributors certified by NSF International have effective recordkeeping and inventory tracking systems in place, so that in the event of a product recall, it is easy to track parts sent to body shops and eventually sold to you.

To find an NSF International certified collision parts distributor, please visit our Certified Automotive Distributor Listings.

Automotive Recycler Certification Program

NSF Certified Automotive Recycler P470

Did you know automobiles are the most recycled product on the market1? NSF’s independent, third-party certification provides assurance for consumers, regulators and insurance agencies looking for automotive recyclers that meet grading, labeling and traceability requirements as well as federal, state and local recycler regulations. The certification program also includes operations requirements for vehicle acquisition, dismantling, equipment, parts storage, customer service and sales. Consumers can be assured that parts purchased from an NSF certified automotive recycler are labeled and graded properly.

If you have additional questions, please contact NSF International’s Consumer Information Specialist at or +1.800.673.8010